2019 - Fleeting - painting

This is a painting made with acrylics, crayons, color pencil and paperclay. It is painted and drawn on canvas and mounted on a frame.

It is an image of a cloudlike/bird-like form that has a human face…  The face expresses doubting to eighter choose to make contact with the viewer or choose to move away.

It is about this fleeting moment where there is a reflex. Get away, flee from where you are and be something else than you are right now.

A wish to be free and untouchable.

It is about this almost animal-like instinct that changes people to wild undependable but natural and free beings.

Pressure creates unpredictableness and explosiveness but also beautiful wild »diamonds».

It took me a long time to make the choices about how to finish this painting… feeling that it had a lot of »blanc space» but it felt also that it was so important not to make it into something else than what it is… fleeting… In that case it is more fitting with fleeting lines…

Aiming to be true to its original expression.



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