This photo series is based on a theme that I discovered in one of my intuitively created paintings (Birdwoman).

I further investigated the theme through photography together with a model that to me resonated with the meaning of the painting (Siw Laurent) in the winter of 2018-2019.

It is an investigation of the moment where there is a reflex to get away. Flee from where you are now, be something else than you are right now.

The wish to be free and untouchable.

I am in wonder about how this instinct changes people to wild undependable but natural and free beings. Pressure creates unpredictableness and explosiveness but also beautiful wild »diamonds». It can bring out the worst and best in people.

If there is a need for something else than what exists here and now there is a potential for fantasy, creativity, change and unexpected new things to happen.

In some sense it is both an investigation into and celebration of chaos. Forms that come forth when there is an instinctual explosive urge for change.

The fabric that we used in the photographs allows chance, chaos and energy to create forms while it spreads around the model. 

Some photographs are intentionally out of focus to enhance the fleeting qualities.

In other pictures, the fabric used forms into a seemingly new organism … Plant, animal, human?  Human nature?

Lukk meny