Pregnancy and birth photography

Birth photography has a very special place in my heart.  On such an intimate and important moment it is always an honour for me to be present and document the event as a photographer.

With a pregnancy shoot, I can either do one photo session or follow the pregnancy for a certain time that we agree on.

If wanted I can follow the pregnancy in multiple photo sessions spread out over some months or the whole pregnancy.

For many women, the time of pregnancy is a time where they feel more vulnerable than normal so it is normal that the wishes for photography in this period are very diverse.

It is important to plan birth photography a good time in advance. We will talk about the wishes and what the parent(s) is comfortable with so that everything will go as smooth as possible when the moment is there.



Portraits are always a result of what happens when the photographer meets an individual.

It is about how the photographed person is in that moment in time and what the eye of the photographer sees and captures in the meeting of that person.

There are many reasons for portrait photography. They range all the way form a portrait for on a business website with the aim to communicate with the customer to a photograph aiming to show some unique personal trades in a person. 

I take portraits on location and in my studio in Bø.

Generally about a session:

I take all kinds of photography assignments.

Varying from product photography to portraits and pregnancy photography and all in between.

As a photographer and person, it is important to me to try to connect to and bring forth the authentic unique qualities  of a person in a photography situation. 

Normally I start with an intake meeting where we discuss the wishes for and purpose of the photographs. 

Then I give myself some time to think and I can do the preparations for the photo session.

The second time we meet we do the actual photo session. The amount of time this takes is dependant on the wishes and varies from 1 hour to multiple days.  These sessions can either be done in my studio or in another location that we agree on.

After the shoot, I take some time to choose the images and edit them.

Normally the finished photos will be delivered on a memory stick in a nice package.


At the time i charge 350 NOK per hour.

Intake conversation, photoshoot, editing and aditional time if nessasairy.

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