Food and product photography

I like to work with bringing fourth the qualities, rich colours, textures of the product, there is much to work with and communicate there. 

But I also think it is of great importance to look further than the product to the wishes, vision and goals of the company/person that created it. 

These food pictures were made for a local café in Bø -Norway. This café is also is a place where people that have a disability or people that want to come back into society can work. 

I chose to photograph the food together with the hands that made it.  To focus both on the product and the caring hands that made it.  Showing the diversity of different hands/people to enhance the social aspect of this lovely Café. 


I am willing to photograph all kind of events. I am sharing some pictures here from an air show and some concerts. 

 To me it is much about catching the wonder of the moment.  But keeping the goal and wishes of the customer in mind to hopefully get successful photos that can be used as wished for.   

Photography for your company:

Feel free to get into contact if you want me to help get the vision of your company forth.  Looking forward to learn about your wishes

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Lukk meny