Facilitating for art processes

In the summer months, I facilitate in my studio once every second week for a small group of people of all ages and backgrounds that are drawn to work with art. 

When I facilitate I create a space where people can explore their creative work, expressions, techniques and processes. 

The aim of the art facilitation is to provide a space for people to experiment with art (visual art, poetry, dance, sculpture,  and more)

Critiques are never made about the aesthetics of the art if not explicitly asked for. 

But participants are invited to express their honest thoughts and feelings as they relate to their own art and process in an atmosphere of acceptance.

Many people have a wish to work with art in our daily lives  but the time and focus is not created.

I as a facilitator, create space, observe, and if wanted I try to make useful connections to other artists and/or beneficial techniques. I encourage the participant in the creative process.

I do not offer therapy. Therapy involves working with a therapy professional to resolve problematic behaviours, beliefs and or feelings. 

The main focus is on creating space and time for exploring your own unique way of making your art.

For prices and more information feel welcome to take contact with me through the contact form on this website.


I aim to contribute in the experiencing and understanding of art and art processes.

In September 2019 as part of the exhibition ‘inn i det ukjente’ we organized a performance concert. 

We plan a new events in 2020.

Cooperations with (among others):

Johanna Seim – www.johannaseim.com

Ellen Marie Løkslid – www.ellymusic.no

Coleminkai – www.randimossing.no/produksjon/trollstemt-blues-colimenkai

Patrick webb – Heapsgood productions :https://www.heapsgood.no/

Courses and education

Once a while I cooperate with and/or rent in artists to give courses, workshops and education in my studio in Bø.

With this I aim to give all the people that want to come (and those participating in my art facilitating ) the possibility  to learn and broaden their perspective on and skills within Art.

The events will be posted on my facebook page. 

Examples of teachers:
Jan Van Boeckel – Senior lecturer in visual art education at the academy of design and crafts of Gothenburg University and guest educator and researcher at cemus, the Center for Enviroment and Development studies in Uppsala, Sweden. https://janvanboeckel.wordpress.com/
Siw Laurent – French, Norwegian, New York based Interdisciplinary theatre artist and founder of Active Body Listening. https://www.siwlaurent.com/

For more information and/or if you are an artist/ teacher/ professor that is interested in giving Art related courses feel free to take contact through the contact form on this website.

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