’To experience feelings of wonder in my life and in the making of my artworks is essential to me.

This can happen when unexpected shapes appear in my paintings and sculptures, when materials come together in new ways and when I get surprised by the aesthetics in my surroundings.

I am drawn to experience the world through the senses. The tactile qualities of materials … the ‘feel’ of wood, clay, metal, cloth, modelling wax … are all with their individual qualities.

Usually I intuitively express myself through painting.
I can then choose to sit back and reflect on the created works.

This gives me the opportunity to discover new meanings and images that I can then work out either in painting, sculpture or other media depending on the subject at hand.

I try to maintain an openness and avoid judging my work.
This I find necessary to catch unexpected things when they come, following and clarifying them rather than to change them prematurely.

I am very interested in forms that are not directly recognizable and its impact on our emotions, feelings and our bodies.

What I discover in my artwork influences the way I perceive my environment.

It is also about keeping an ‘openness’ in my daily life so to catch special moments in the cooperation with my camera.

Art, nature, dance, photography, music, psychology, mythology, alchemy and the study of consciousness are a few of the many subjects that interest me.

‘Art’ gives me a platform to experiment, practice and combine all these interests.’


I was born in the Netherlands in 1986.

To express myself in whatever media was at hand  has always been nurtured and natural to me.

Art has been a place where I can  express myself, in some sense create my own world and change my perspective on life.

After I have been through Steiner education, I enrolled for 3 years at the art academy ‘st Joost’ in Den Bosch, Netherlands. But I have always felt mostly self-taught.

In 2010 I moved to Norway and in 2015 I started my own studio in an old industrial building in Bø in Telemark. 

This space functioned as a home base for the making of my works and photography.  And here I also arrange happenings, facilitate and exhibit, alone or together with a guest artists.

In winter 2021 i lost my studio but got new chances with starting up the new Lifjell Artcenter. www.lifjellkunstsenter.com where i also now have my studio.

This historical building on the mountainside of the mountain Lifjell opened its doors for the first time for publick in September 2023 and houses new studios for 9 artist as well as a Gallery and workshopp-spaces.

Exhibitions and projects:

2023-jul på lifjell kunstsenter – groupexhibition- midt telemark – norway

2023- åpningsuke på lifjell kunstsenter – exhibition.open studio and courses – midt-telemark – norway

2023- the gvarv people of telemark – groupexhibition at beti ford – belgrade – serbia

2022- elvelangs – forbindelser – midt-telemark – norway

2022- dyrisk – seljord kunstlåve – summerexhibition – seljord – norway

2021- curating an exhibition on torleiv jørgensen stadskleiv -gulbring-bø i telemark -norway

2021- ‘moderskap,natur,kjærlighet og forurensning’ galleri POP langesund – norway

2020 – utsmykning  ‘visning’- bø i telemark – norway

2020 – utsmykning – artproject with an elderberry productionfeeld – ‘Ringvirkninger’ – Hyllest, Mie Dahlman Jensen – midt-telemark – norway.

2019-2023 work with scenogaphy – midt telemark culture school. norway

2019 – karlskoga konsthal – sweden

2019-‘inn i det ukjente’  bø i telemark- norway

2017 -‘et møte mellom to kunstnere’ bø i telemark – norway

2017 – sødra ås kultur – sweden

2016 – åpent studio og utstilling – solo exhibition bø i telemark – norway

2016 – sødra ås kultur – sweden

2015 – ‘in låve’ skogen gård – bø i telemark – norway

2015 – sødra ås kultur – sweden


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