two windows- multimedia painting (s)

This painting was made back in 2007 with acrylic paint, crayons,  colour pencils and clay on free hanging fabric.

The longer I worked on this painting it felt as if I was more and more working with two paintings in one so at one point I decided to split the painting into two.

The theme that I am working with in this painting is  dynamics.

The vortex-like movement in the middle. 

By splitting it in half I created space in the middle. A centre in the vortex.

The left part is more focused on the wish for space. Depicting a window in a wall in the upper left.

The right part is about the pull towards rest and dark. In the right upper corner, there is a suggestion of a face and shoulder. A person that relates to the vortex in the middle.

In both parts of the painting, I worked with clay in the lower parts of the painting.

With yellow ‘legs’ that keep the white vortex up out of the ‘clay’.

It is a complex whole. The wish for space on the left, the wish for rest on the right and the dynamics between them. By splitting up the canvas I created a space in this whole dynamics…  A space for just being and not knowing. 

Lukk meny